Monday, 18 March 2013

Publication Day

Today, 18th March, is official publication day for my Hampton Warlock trilogy. All three books are now up and running as Kindle downloads at £1.96 each. If you are an Amazon Prime customer you can “borrow” the books for free.

There is something inherently frightening as well as satisfying in seeing your work published. It’s a matter of putting your “baby” on view for all the world to see. When we write we put so much of ourselves into our creations that the finished producteven though it’s pure fictionbecomes a part of us. It’s not just the book that goes on show, it’s also the reputation and the soul of the writer. I imagine artists feel the same about their paintings.

Years ago I ran courses in presentational skills. I taught the candidates that there are few more frightening experiences than standing up in front of an audience to deliver a presentation. Why? Because we put ourselves on show when speaking in public and we fear disapproval especially public disapprovalif we get it wrong. And it is so easy to get something wrong when you create a novel of 100,000 words.

My main reassurance lies in having all my books taken on by a publisher. I mention on my web site ( that I avoided self-publication on the grounds that my work probably wasn’t good enough if a publisher didn’t like it. Publishers have liked my books.

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