Friday, 8 March 2013

Guest Blogging

When the owner of the Womag blog asked me to write a guest post I felt genuinely privileged. This wasn’t a case of a member of the public asking something of me. I was approached by the writer of a well-respected internet site: someone who knows what writing is all about. She asked me to write about me reasons for being a novellist rather than a short story writer. You can read my response at:

There is a wealth of short story writing ability behind the Womag blog, ability I have seen in action through the manuscripts that writers and readers have produced. While they have developed and used their short story writing skills to very good effect, I have concentrated on honing my novel writing ability. I see that as no problem because the world of writing needs both skills. We need books and we need magazine stories. The single big black forest gateau is just as important as the tube of Smarties. Well, that’s my opinion. Henry, my three year old grandson would say the Smarties are more important!

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