Thursday, 21 March 2013

Ebook Publishing

Earlier this week I posted a story on my web site for free download. I figured that at 57,000 words it didn’t fully live up to the title of novel. Neither was I prepared to pad it out simply to make it longer. Padding degrades a story. However, I decided it would make a suitable web site taster: a way of giving readers a taste of my style of writing. The next morning my publisher, God bless her, emailed me and said she had read it, liked it, and wanted to publish it. It made my day. Not so good for my web readers, of course, because I had to immediately remove the story from my site.

My concern about the story was that it was too short to be a proper novel, but my publisher assures me that the advent of ebooks means any length can now be accommodated within the publishing industry. I learned from that. I have another 57,000 word story lying idle on my computer and I need only a week or two to check it over and give it a last brush and polish before offering it up for publication. We live in an age when nothing need be wasted.

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