Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Belinda Blurb

Publication day is not far off now. We have been rehashing the blurb for The Gallows on Warlock Hill. My first effort wasn't right. It concentrated too much on the wrong part of the story. Which part? Never mind which part. It was the wrong part. The publisher quite rightly asked for a new blurb.

Did you know that the word blurb goes back to the year 1907? An American humour writer called Gelett Burgess didn't like the cover his publisher used on one of his books. He wanted something slightly saucy, so be drew a character he called Belinda Blurb. She's been with us ever since.

I had to give some thought to the new blurb for my book. It had to capture a potential reader's imagination while, at the same time giving a very broad overview of the story. Few words but big impact. Not easily done. I cast my mind over the idea of Belinda Blurb. She was presented as the sort of sultry female who often appeared on the cover of a lurid paperback. Her role was to excite the reader's imagination. My few words had to do the same thing... excite the reader into buying the book. Instead of a sultry seductress, I used the idea of character conflict. Sparks fly between two sisters. But one needs the other in order to stay alive. Will they sort it out? I also introduced a hint of mystery. Who… why… get the reader guessing and wanting to know the answer.

I'm pleased to say that the publisher is happy with my new blurb. All that remains is to find out how many potential customers are captured by the Belinda Blurb effect.


  1. Belinda Blurb! Never heard that story before but isn't it wonderful!

  2. I love the idea of a Belinda Blurb, enticing the reader in! Great story, and good luck with your novel.