Wednesday, 10 April 2013

You Don’t Need a Kindle

Actually, I bought one of the first Kindles but I now rarely use it. I now have a free Kindle app on my ASUS tablet which allows me to read my Kindle e-books on a nice bright ten inch screen. Nice big letters because I have difficulty with very small text. I’m told you can download the free app onto any computer so you don’t actually need a Kindle to enjoy Kindle e-books.

The relevance of this is that this morning two more books have been reissued in Kindle format by Cloudberry Books. Both are available on Amazon. One is the aviation thriller, Prestwick, and the other is a Cornish historical novel, The Vanson Curse.
Prestwick has been described in an Amazon review as “a roller-coaster of a ride from beginning to end” which is interesting as it was written at a pretty fast pace. Normally I take my time over a novel, constantly checking my research as I go along. With Prestwick I didn’t need to do that as I have an aviation background and I actually worked at the Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre in Prestwick.

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