Monday, 15 April 2013

The Latest Publication

In the Shadow of Disgrace has gone live today. My fist contract with Cloudberry was signed earlier this year and now the company has six of my books live on Amazon. I am delighted. The re-issue of these books has progressed very much quicker than I expected, and that included re-editing each one of them and designing new cover art. And the whole process has been completed in such a friendly manner.

I am also pleased that Cloudberry has chosen such a rich mixture of my writing output. Prestwick is a pure aviation thriller with action on almost every page. King’s Priory and The Gallows on Warlock Hill are both historical mysteries solved by present-day characters. The Long Road to Sunrise is a heart-breaking journey of discovery. The Vanson Curse and In the Shadow of Disgrace are pure historical romances set in Cornwall.

Those books differ in style and content, but I think there is something of me in each of them. When my descendants look back in years to come they will find clues about me as they read through them. That’s important to me because I have an interest in family history and I often wish my ancestors could have left behind something similar; something that told me about their thoughts, their aspirations, their opinions. Whatever their commercial success, these books will achieve something positive for later generations.

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