Saturday, 23 February 2013

Three Novels

I am still working on my web site. The latest addition allows readers to see what I am now working on. Some writers like to keep their work-in-progress hidden but I have no fear of being open with my writing. Experience has shown me that I can learn a lot from other people’s comments.

 I presently have three novels under construction. Why three? Well, all writers come up against those moments when a story is at risk of turning stale. When I meet that moment – when I detect that my writing is not as crisp as it ought to be – I put that manuscript aside and work on another. By the time I turn back to the first story, I will have found a way to freshen up the text. Sometimes I will put a story away for weeks, even a few months, before I come back to it anew. By then I will need to re-read the preceding chapters and that gives me a chance to reassess the story so far.

The three stories presently in progress are radically different from each other. That is important to my way of writing. If I put one story aside I don’t want to pick up another with a similar style, maybe similar reasons for running out of steam. I want something that will send my mind off in a new and fresh direction.

Sooner or later one of these three novels will be completed and then I will dream up a new story in that same style. I will always have three radically different novels to work on.

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