Monday, 25 February 2013

Away From Home

A writer needs to keep in practice. I aim to write something every day. Last week my wife and I were on holiday in Luxembourg… a place well removed from my desk-top computer at home in Dorset. But I had my ASUS tablet with me and each day I wrote up a description of what we had seen and done for the benefit of family and friends at home. Sometimes I like to send off the messages (blog or email) daily, especially on longer trips. Sometimes, such as on a short trip like this one, I send just one message at the end of the trip. But the write-up of each experience is completed daily.

It’s not fiction, but it is writing. You can see my recent blog at:

What’s the value in this? Well, firstly it ensures that I write something every day, even when on holiday. That’s important. Secondly, it keeps family and friends in touch. I reckon the daily write-up offers so much more than sending a picture postcard. Instead of receiving a card two weeks after we get home, the readers can be in touch almost instantly. Thirdly, by writing every day I can describe what is still fresh in my mind.


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