Sunday, 17 November 2013

Edit Complete

I have now completed the latest edit of Time After Time and I feel quite pleased with it. It’s an unusual story covering one woman’s three successive incarnations on earth, but I figure it will appeal to readers who enjoy the novels of Barbara Erskine. I’ve set it in Ireland because that land had a culture of mysticism in its distant past. I’ve also tried to inject a sense of mystery around the tale. Now I must wait to see what my publisher thinks of it.

Meantime I have printed out a copy of The Poisoned Cup on I plan to send it to my daughter in Sweden. In the latter stages of pregnancy, she can put her feet up, relax and read through it in an attempt to spot any errors I have missed. There are always errors waiting to be weeded out.

Where next? I have plans for another WW1 novel to follow on from In Foreign Fields. I also have ideas for a sequel to The Poisoned Cup. There’s no shortage of ideas.


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