Saturday, 6 June 2020

Yesterday I began a journey through my published novels, a journey that will take you up to my latest thriller published by Darkstroke. This latest one is called The Girl From The Killing Streets.

I explained that writing this latest novel demanded every skill I had learned in my career as a writer. I doubt if I could have written it sooner. It was Highly Commended in the 2019 Yeovil Literary Prize competition.

This account of my writing career, isn’t written in chronological sequence.  I am grouping my books for convenience. I told you yesterday about my three aviation novels. I have written other books along the route towards Killing Streets. I was born in Cornwall, but half my life has been spent in the beautiful county of Dorset. My Hampton Warlock Trilogy tells the stories of three different families who live in a fictitious Dorset village which I call, not surprisingly, Hampton Warlock. The name is adapted from the real village of Witchampton. Keen-eyed lovers of Dorset will recognise the descriptions of the location as coming from the real village of Worth Matravers. When the original publisher went bust, these books were quickly taken on by Cloudberry and republished under different titles.

The Long Road to Sunrise (Republished as The Legacy of Shame)
The Hadleigh family of Hampton Warlock learn about a child lost in the Amazon rainforest.

King’s Priory (Republished as The Legacy of Secrets)
Colin Portesham searches for secrets hidden in King’s Priory, his parents’ home in Hampton Warlock. He discovers what happened to his grandfather, a WW2 fighter pilot.

The Gallows on Warlock Hill (Republished as The Legacy of Conflict)
Rose Greenwood unearths family secrets going back to the civil war. Her discoveries reveal conflicts in Dorset and Ireland.

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