Friday, 5 June 2020

The Girl From The Killing Streets is my new thriller from Darkstroke. It is a truly dark read, one that demands a painful journey of discovery for the key characters. Writing it demanded everything I had learned from my personal history as a novelist.

I have been writing seriously for the past twenty years. An insight into me, the writer, may help to know my books. I’ll begin with my trilogy of aviation thrillers.

If you want to write about aviation, you need to know about aviation. My working life was spent as an air traffic controller. I had an insight into the workings of aviation at airfields and at air traffic control centres. I worked at numerous locations around the UK and was the Belfast aerodrome controller on duty the day troops were airlifted into Northern Ireland in August 1969. In the late 1970s I was an area controller at the Scottish Air Traffic Control Centre in Prestwick. I wrote most of my books with a degree of inside knowledge.

Four hundred frightened passengers
Two badly crippled aircraft
And nowhere to land
Thousands of passengers
Hundreds of aircraft
One plan to end it all
Three unarmed aircraft
One dangerous mission
And no hope of return

An Amazon reviewer wrote about Prestwick: “I read every aviation related book that I can get my hands on and this one I can safely say had me totally hooked. Excellent piece of work and the degree of technical accuracy could come only from a professional.”

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