Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Up and Running

In Foreign Fields, my WW1 novel is now up and running on Amazon. The blurb reads:

August 1914. The Great War is only just beginning and already things are looking bad. The British Expeditionary Force is retreating in disarray from the Battle of Mons. But, in the midst of the confusion, two British officers on a top secret mission are moving forward, ready to cross the German lines.
To complete his assignment, Captain Victor Wendel knows his life will depend on his cunning and ingenuity as much as his courage. He doesn’t, however, know that he is also at the mercy of a double agent.
Lieutenant Charles DeBoise, a reluctant recruit to British Intelligence, is sent after Wendel to assist him. Will he reach Wendel before the double agent sabotages the mission? And will they be able to complete their task before it’s too late?

I plan this to be the first in a trilogy or – who knows – a series based upon the Great War. The second book, In Line of Fire, is beginning to take shape on my computer.

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