Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Bad Weather

Yes, of course this bad weather is terrible. Travel has been disrupted, power has been lost to thousands of homes and millions have had a thoroughly miserable day. But I try to look on the positive side. Forced to stray indoors, I’ve devised a PowerPoint presentation for the first of my 2014 Swanwick Summer School lessons on editing, and I’ve made progress with my next WW1 novel. As a pleasing extra, I’ve discovered that 2013 was a far more productive writing year than I had realised. Six old novels were re-edited and re-released by Cloudberry Books. Two complete novels were written from start to finish and were put on Cloudberry’s publishing schedule. Three partly-completed novels were finished off. And I wrote a short manual on how to construct a novel. To cap it all, “In Foreign Fields” hit the ground running just a few days ago. Reckon I’ll take a break over Christmas, if only I can keep my fingers away from that darned keyboard!


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