Friday, 4 April 2014

A New Review

I have had some very encouraging reviews for my books on Amazon, especially for "Prestwick". This is the latest.

I was absolutely spellbound by D.Houghs work, spent my last night burning the midnight oil to finish the book- no wonder David's readers want to make it into a movie.
Come on you directors and producers you must give this book a read
Having worked on an AOG desk for a major airline...
company in the past, I have come to see the reality of the work D. H has produced here. His knowledge of ATC and commercial aviation has made this work a masterpiece in aviation incidents.
The space shuttle to land at Preswick! What an experience that would have been to any observer, albeit rather risky But Achievable.
Congratulations David a great read. Cannot wait for your next aviation book.

It would be very nice if a film company did take notice.

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