Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Working with Henry

My computer screen shows the manuscript I am working on, but that’s not what Henry wants to see.

When my previous publisher closed down I was left with return of rights for several novels. Within just one week, two other publishers contacted me and asked for those books. How lucky can you get? I chose Cloudberry Books because the director was keen to re-edit the manuscripts. I doubt if there is a book in existence that can’t be improved by an extra edit or two so I jumped at the chance to have my manuscripts given another professional polish. Now I am sitting at my computer reading through the first one off the line, The Long Road to Sunrise, but Henry has other ideas.

 I hear a distant voice shouting, “Grandad!” There is a knock on the study door and a smiley little two-year-old tumbles into the room. He climbs up on my knee and says, “See Henry.” He loves to see video clips of himself, and we have many of them loaded onto the computer. So the manuscript is put aside until one of his parents arrives to collect him on the way home from work. He’s such an adorable little boy, Nuala and I can’t refuse him anything, even the chance to work on one of my books.

This evening I’ll start working again on the manuscript.



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